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Agrocare has over the years promoted human rights for IDP’s and especially women IDP’s. Through capacity development  and awareness raising we have managed to change the views of host communities towards IDP’s and have them respect IDP’s and view them as a resourceful group that will help build the community.

Towards this end, women leaders, community elders, teachers and students have been trained on human rights. Working with community and religious leaders, Agrocare has established legal clinics to provide a redress  and arbitration system for human rights violations.

In partnership with UNHCR, Agrocare conducts continuous population movement racking (PMT) and protection monitoring (PM); these act as early warning systems for stakeholders on the push and pull factors in movements and displacements, and also trends in insecurity and protection issues, From these, stakeholders are better prepared to deal with emergencies and to design more effective interventions.