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Environmental protection provides livelihoods opportunities

Provision of shelter to households affected by disaster is important in humanitarian assistance because shelter provides protection and security especially to vulnerable women and girls who are at a higher risk of GBV in the absence of shelter.

Agrocare continues to be active in providing shelter and NFI’s to vulnerable IDP’s and host communities in Somalia.

Agrocare has participated in advocating and planning for the inclusion of dignity as part of an intervention in shelter and NFI’s. Under UNOCHA’s common humanitarian fund (CHF), the provision of women dignity kits was actualized.

In the past, environmental protection was not factored in humanitarian support; the urgency of humanitarian needs meant that the environment took a back seat.

However in a country like Somalia where internally displaced persons are in hundreds of thousands, and all these IDP’s use wood fuel to keep prepare food and keep their shelters warm, environmental protection had to form a key component in humanitarian activities.

Agrocare under the auspices of UNOCHA’s CHF is currently piloting the distribution of energy saving stoves to IDP’s in Mogadishu. Apart from distributing the stoves.

Agrocare is leading a social marketing campaign to promote the use of energy saving stoves throughout Mogadishu and Somalia in general.